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Let's Finish This!

Let's Finish This!

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Wednesday, April 24, 5-7pm PST

Have you ever started an art piece, and found yourself stuck before it was done? You’re not sure what to do next, or what color you should choose to finish it? Maybe you’re not even sure what DONE looks like? Or perhaps you want to elevate your art piece, but you’re not sure HOW? And you’re not even sure what the right questions to ask are?

Or maybe you just need to schedule some dedicated time to sit down and knock it out, preferably in a nice little creative community that could provide feedback, encouragement and a wonderful safe space?

Let’s set aside this time on zoom together to bring our work-in-process pieces, and ask Sarah all of the questions. Sarah will speak to any watercolor or mixed media questions: pens, colored pencils, crypts, gouache -  she loves it all! We will bring you onscreen, you can share your work and current struggle while we all benefit from hearing good feedback from a fellow community of painters who have the same aim in mind: finishing a work of art well. 

Often times our creative wrestlings are shared by others, but because we usually create alone, we feel isolated and can get a bit lost. But when we all sit together and pool our resources, thoughts, tips and tricks, we ALL walk away more refreshed than ever. It is so lovely to sit and finish a piece in a great group like this because you hear and see answers to the next ten questions you may not even realize you had! It is wonderful to have that lightbulb finally go off! The inspiration and fire you feel after a class like this will infuse your own creative practice with energy and excitement. 

The artwork for this class can be your own personal project, or one of Sarah’s projects from her books. If you do not have any of Sarah’s books and you’d like to jump in - this class is the perfect opportunity to join and begin there. You have the option below to purchase just the online class access, and you bring your own materials and project. Or you can purchase materials and/or one of Sarah’s books, and have them sent to you ahead of our online class time. 

This class is for anyone who would like to create some dedicated LET’S FINISH THIS BEAUTY time. We cannot wait to finish this together with YOU!


Artist and author Sarah Simon, a.k.a. @themintgardener, has taught thousands of people how to watercolor and with her teaching talents, has made it such an approachable and enjoyable art form, both for the experienced and novice alike.  Her Watercolor Workbook series provides everything you need to know about the art of watercolor and has the #1 best-selling watercolor book in the world for the past four years and counting. 

Sometimes it just helps to SEE the magic happening. Come join us for the first time OR continue your painting adventure here with Sarah Simon, Artist and Author as we paint together. This is your invitation to paint and play.  A mindful moment for you to fall in love with the flowing freedom of watercolor - and the beauty of watching paint and water dance along your pages!

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